FEAR FACTOR wine tasting!

So I suppose you`re all wondering what this Fear Factor wine tasting is all about. Just to warn you before you continue reading… not for sensitive readers and not for the seriously curious (can`t give all our secrets away in one go!) – just joking.

Where did we get the name from then? Years ago, before uniWines Vineyards were formed, our former winemaker had to do a wine tasting with a wine club who traveled quite a few kilometers to get to us. He decided to give them a special experience because they travelled so far.

They arrived early on a Monday morning, and awaiting at the cellar was their vehicle for the day – a tractor with a wagon. After they were all loaded up, the driver raced of with the speed of light (it`s a tractor but it went pretty fast). He almost lost his load of passengers and after everyone got into their seats again, they continued the journey to the house in the vineyards. When they arrived there, a huge puff adder (‘pofadder’) sailed past the front door. They removed the snake and got the members of the wine club safely inside. When the winemaker welcomed them to the food and wine pairing, one clever old gentleman said, “no, it`s more like welcome to the fear factor tasting”. We kept the name and through the years we changed the food and the whole experience. Since beginning of 2012 we decided to put the (safe) ‘fear’ back in FEAR FACTOR. We already had 4 groups since the 14th of January.The biggest group had 45 members!

We soon realised that this experience is a great type of team building and also fun for the whole family. We can easily accommodate those who chooses not to taste wine. I must however warn you; those with claustrophobia, very bad back problems or other serious injuries of illnesses, might not be able to do the fear factor wine tasting. Just to make it clear, we ditched the tractor and the snakes, but we got a whole range of new, exciting and scary experiences.

If you want to join in the fun, phone Maritsa or Cheran and make a booking. The phone number is (+27) 023 3491110. The cost involved is only R15 per person. If you want to have a little bit more to eat afterwards (team building groups prefers this), we can arrange some catering at an extra cost per person.

Go on, be brave and just go for it! We`re waiting for you! Check out some of the recent FEAR FACTOR wine tastings on our facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UniWines/202576206480968



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