Sunday Times – Wine of the week (extract from article)

If Constantia is sexy again, it can only be good news for dessert wines generally. Many wine drinkers claim not to like any off-dry wines, perhaps wishing to imply that their palates have reached a certain level of sophistication.

But try one with a spicy chicken curry, such as the lightly sparkling Palesa Fairtrade Moscato with its fresh grapiness and moreish 7.5% ABV (around R30), and you might start to understand why “Moscato Madness” has hit the US, where sales have grown by 80% over the past 12 months. Dessert wines are in a different league; so richly sugary that they gloop rather than pour out of their petite bottles, yet so finely balanced by acidity that they avoid being cloying.

The problem with dessert wines is that most of us feel guilty about eating dessert in the first place. The solution? Don`t wait until the end of the meal. Astonishingly  good matches with sweet wines include savory patés, strong cheese, cured meats and creamy chicken or fish dishes –

Joanne Gibson (Sunday Times, 22 July 2012)

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