The Biodiversity in Wine Initiative(BWI) is a pioneering partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector. 

Nearly 95 % of the country’s viticulture takes place in the Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK), the richest and also the smallest plant kingdom on the planet.  Recognised both as a global biodiversity hotspot and a World Heritage site, it has come under increasing threat from agriculture, urban development and invasive alien species.

Our vision is to protect and conserve our unique natural heritage within the Cape Winelands an outstanding place with iconic species whilst maintaining living, productive landscapes.

Widely praised as a pioneering partnership between the country’s wine industry and conservation sector, its mandate is not only confined to protecting natural habitat. It also encourages wine producers to farm sustainably and express the advantages of the Cape’s abundant diversity in their wines.

uniWines Vineyards
– Area conserved 4942ha.

uniWines is situated in the heart of the Breedekloof Valley and is characterised by magnificent landscapes, towering cliffs, crystal clear streams and indigenous flora. We depend on nature to provide us with everything that goes into a bottle of our finest. This is why it is important for us to maintain a very close relationship with the environment that sustains us. On the five priority farms alone, producers conserve 3624 hectares of pristine natural vegetation.

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