Fairtrade was introduced to ensure a better deal for growers and small-scale producers in developing countries. These people have often found that they are unable to obtain a fair price for their products because of their remoteness or size of operation.

“Fairtrade is not about special treatment, it’s about fair treatment.”

Since it was first introduced, Fairtrade wine has experienced great improvement in quality and growth. More and more consumers are expecting not just great tasting wines, but wines that have been produced with respect for people and the environment. The latest research shows that given a choice of Fairtrade certified wine, wine with other certifications and wine with no certification; 43% of consumers would choose a Fairtrade product. Fairtrade certified wine sales mean greater opportunities for workers in South Africa. This will allow them to invest in their children’s education, in the health of their communities and the future of their businesses.

Fairtrade seeks greater equity in international trade by:
• Ensuring better prices to small-scale farmers
• Providing a Fairtrade premium for community development projects
• Enforcing decent working conditions in farms
• Supporting sustainable production and protection of the environment

Look for the Fairtrade Mark and make a difference.
It’s what transforms good wine into great wine.