The Huguenot Tunnel transports you to a world where ‘toutrek’ is the most popular sport and you are greeted with a warm wave by every passer-by. Where people know every family for miles and can recite their line of descendants.

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.” – Alfred Adler.

A little left of centre. Says who exactly? Normal is as normal does in the Breedekloof Valley. In the Breedekloof Valley people take your most peculiar attribute, give you an affectionate nickname and forget your real name. It’s a place where people understand that the earth can give you all the resources you need. Where even time is told by the fall of the Horologekrans shadow. A valley where the mysterious Malkopklip turns in the soil every night, on the stroke of midnight.

It’s a compelling and fascinating attitude of embracing quirks and oddities rather than stifling them. So like the true nature of this valley it would be considered madness not to share its gifts with others.

The Ankerman lifestyle range is a top quality, value for money wine that encapsulates the quirks and eccentricities of life in the valley and gives the drinker some authentic tales to tell.

Wine from a valley just a little left of centre!

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