DaschBosch SteenSteen-word

Distinctive notes of yellow apple alongside with green melon and lime on the nose. This wine is beautifully structured on the palate, bursting with fresh yellow and white fruit flavours and finishes subtly , yet distinctive.

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exanimo-255x61DASCHBOSCH ExanimoNV

A bold and complex wine. Creamy, nutty texture with hints of vanilla spice, honeysuckle and lemon zest that come together with a crisp and refreshing finish.

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Daschbosch Procavia new nvprocavia-255x61

A classic blend with dark ripe cherry and black currant flavours. Elegant tannins from oak maturation and a subtle smooth finish. A harmonious marriage of new world fruit and old world elegance.

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Daschbosch Plicatilis nvplicatilis-255x61

Complex plummy, with red fruit and spicy aromas on the nose with a savoury wild berry finish on the palate. Touches of honeysuckle fruit from the Viognier are well integrated with the French oak tannins to give the wine a long, velvety finish.

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DASCHBOSCH  Hanepoot nvHanepoot-word

VARIETAL ~ Muscat d’ Alexandria
~ Sweet dessert wine
~ As an aperitif
~ Small oak barrels for 9 months

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Title Deed: Daschbosch